Serving God’s Church

by Peg Fenner
As we start summer, with all the fun and trips that the warm weather brings, we once again start, behind the scenes, our Nominating Process. Each year, in June, a Nominating Team is appointed, and they get the ball rolling on a process that will lead to the election of new board chairs for the following year.
All of our elected officers agree to serve a 2-year term, with the allowance for an officer to serve up to 2 consecutive terms. All of this sounds very technical – terms, officers, nominating, elections, etc. But what it all boils down to is serving God’s church and people here at the corner of Salem and Birney. My prayer for the process this year is that each member of Zion, as the nominating information comes out, will pray about and consider how they might be a piece of the puzzle that we are putting together.
Our Nominating Team this year will consist of Jennifer Hamilton, Laura Mikow, and Bob Remmele – thanks to all of 3 of them for their willingness to serve! Pastor Jason, Chris, and I attend as well.
The process will begin with asking current officers, who are eligible to serve another term, if their desire is to continue or end. Then, in July, you, the members, will be given the opportunity to suggest individuals that you believe would serve well in each position (and you can suggest yourself!). As potential leaders of the church, we want these suggestions to be for those who you believe to be devoted to worship, study of the Word, and serving.
The team then pours/prays through the lists of suggestions and begins calling individuals. I ask, that if asked to serve, you really dwell on what is being asked of you. Could you give time and energy to serve? Do you have the gifts needed for the position? Is God calling you to serve (He always is – but in what way?). Feel the honor that comes with being asked to serve God’s church. There is much joy in serving Him!

And when this process – and summer – comes to an end, as we elect new officers in September for 2020, if your name is not on that slate, consider how you will support and serve with those who have accepted a call!

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Summer Bible Studies

by Pastor Jason
Ah, summer. The surf the sand. Vacations. Brats and burgers on a grill. Outdoor projects. The Reds turning it around as the season goes on (let’s be optimistic) while the calendar pages turning quickly by. And studying God’s Word. Yes, I hope that continues to fit into your summer plans. Now, while I hope we all are connected to scripture in our personal lives (through devotions etc.) the whole year I also hope that we know (and get connected to) the options available Sundays at Zion. And the options are…


The Gospel of Luke. Starts June 2 in the Fellowship Hall. This study will be loosely based upon the Life Lessons study by Max Lucado. Luke is a letter written by a doctor searching for truth, to his friend Theophilus. They shared a love for Christ and a love for the facts. Part letter and part research paper, Luke wants his friend to know that what he has been taught is true. Key themes:


  • Jesus was fully man and fully God
  • Jesus experienced the conflicts of life, yet performed miracles
  • Jesus fulfilled God’s mission and taught of God’s kingdom
  • Jesus’ death and resurrection made possible our relationship with God

Each lesson has the following sections:

  • Scripture – Reading a section of Scripture together.
  • Observation – What stood out in the reading? Think of context, the type of book, the type of author, the time of the church year, the time of calendar year, and why did it especially connect with you.
  • Application – What will you take and apply from this section to your life today?
  • Prayer – How might God help you to apply this beyond today?


Teens will study “Discovering God’s Way of Handling Money”. This is a great way to introduce personal finance as well as discover the Bible’s financial principles. It is a great combination of Bible study and practical instruction. Teens will be walked through the biblical understanding of stewardship, and they are taught how to make a budget and track spending. This is appropriate and recommended for middle and high school students.

Kids will have a series called “Toy Bible Studies”. It is totally inspired by the Toy Story movie series! What a coincidence that Toy Story 4 is coming out this summer! Each study will use a simple, fun toy to teach important Biblical concepts. Kids will learn the Bible and about Jesus and have a lot of fun doing it.

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Focusing our Vision

by Elizabeth Hoffmann
The Vision Team’s 12 members have been meeting monthly since October. Meetings last 4-5 hours. They are facilitated by our Auxano leader. We participate in large group and small group exercises and there have been additional meetings to further refine a group position. Much of the work has been to identify who and what we are at Zion. Knowing Zion’s character, discussing her potential, and studying our community can assist with defining a vision that provides future direction. The dedication and attentiveness of this group has been first-rate. Much of the work has been to transform ideas into paragraphs and sentences about Zion. Then the team reduces this into a couple words and/or a visual representation.

In our dialogues we often think about “Joe”. He is an illustration of someone who attends Zion. Using Zion’s Vision to outline a vision path should inspire and energize Joe and others. Zion’s mission should answer the question of what Joe does. What Joe knows should be an understanding of Zion’s values and what motivates us; this is part of our vision. Joe can use a strategy or missional map to answer how to realize the vision. What to strive for is what Joe becomes and defines when we are successful. The final vision objective is to recognize where God is taking Joe and Zion. What we want to see happen should be conveyed as a vision idea that paints a picture and solves a problem. It should stir Joe’s heart and allow God to “super-size” it.

Vision is not a statement nor a catchy phrase. It is a state of mind that prompts movement. Vision is spread by people and not by paper. The Vision Team is looking forward to sharing what we have discovered about Zion and God’s vision for Zion. There will be opportunities for the congregation to hear vision details soon. We are confident Zion is ready and capable to embrace a vision that glorifies God.

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