Meet our Choir Director

by Karen Wiebe
I’ve always grown up surrounded by music. As a kid, I would sit and play or work on homework while my parents sang in the adult choir. My sister was in the junior choir. When I was in 2nd grade, I was asked if I wanted to be in the choir. The typical age was 4th or 5th grade, so in my mind I knew it was a big deal to be asked so young. 
Fast forward many years, and my dad asked me to join the choir at Zion. I missed singing in a choir so I did. While I never expected years later to be in charge of it, here I am.
The choir is comprised of all kinds of people who come together for one purpose: to sing to the Lord and share the talent He gave us. They are a friendly bunch who work hard and love each other.
As we continue the journey as choir members together, we look forward to sharing our talents, continuing to build and get new members, and praise the Lord while following His will for our future.


Meet our New Praise Team Leader

by Lorna Hayes


With these experiences I have been lead to Cincinnati, Ohio. In my search for a new home church, my pastor from home recommended Zion. Next thing you know, I met some of the greeters, and then Paul. Paul asked me about who I am, I mentioned how I was a musician. Paul mentioned the need for a praise team leader, introduced me to Janet, Dyann, Bob Littman and Peg. It was within those first few weeks of meeting with Zion members, I looked back and saw God’s hand in where I had been led.


Zion’s praise team is nothing short of special, it was formed the year and month I was born. It has been carefully maintained, valued, supported and blessed by the congregation. The primary goal for our team, is to express the love of Jesus through worship. Knowing how to express it, and share it with not only our congregation but to worship solo, in the grocery, with a friend getting coffee. Sharing the hope and joy in Jesus through a powerful moment expressed in song, and in silence.


While there are many different ways to improve this daily goal, some other little details help in reaching it. Changing equipment, finding the right songs that fit with our congregation and praise team. These efforts and changes, are what we are currently working on to help make our praise team, the best we can be for our church and our community.


Saturate Cincinnati

by Janet Gora
Zion Lutheran Church is joining the Saturate Movement!


At our council meeting in June, Pastor Jason brought us an idea called Saturate USA. After he explained that local churches were working together to help spread the good news of Jesus Christ, the council members were all interested in getting Zion involved. I volunteered to organize the event because I believe it is important for our community and important for Zion.


Saturate USA,, is a countrywide movement by churches of all denominations to distribute door hangers filled with evangelistic materials to every home in America. Each door hanger packet will have evangelistic DVDs, including the Jesus Movie watched by over 5 billion people globally, tracts and a letter from local churches.


The mission is to saturate 60 million homes by 2020 in order to reach Christ for all peoples. The cost has already been paid by businesses who believe that our country needs to rediscover the message of the Gospel and we need to cry out in prayer for revival to sweep the land. United in love and with God on our side, they believe we can win America back to Christ.


Nationally, Orlando, Florida, was the first city to tackle saturating their city and they saw revitalization, growth and cooperation as the packets were delivered to every single home in their city.


Locally, First Baptist Church of Anderson Hills is heading up Saturate Cincinnati but many churches are choosing to help. You can follow the local progress by going to


As it takes 2 people 2 hours to distribute 200 packets and we have signed up to pass out 2000 packets, we would like to have at least 20 people gather at church at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, August 24th. We will:

  1. fuel up with a light breakfast
  2. pray together
  3. receive a map of the streets to deliver to
  4. go out in groups of 2 adults/young adults (and as many kids as we can get!) to hit neighborhoods around Zion until each of the 10 teams hangs approximately 200 door hangers.

5,     After your packets are all passed out, which should be around noon, you are free to go home.



If you cannot make it August 24 but still want to help, you can take any leftover packets and pass them out on your own time.

Friends and families are encouraged to sign up at the table in the atrium starting Sunday, August 4 to Sunday, August 18, so you too can help fulfill the Great Commission! I am excited to see the outcome from this massive effort that covers the whole country. A lot of prayer has been raised up both nationally and locally asking God to be involved in a mighty way!