Meet our New Praise Team Leader

by Lorna Hayes


With these experiences I have been lead to Cincinnati, Ohio. In my search for a new home church, my pastor from home recommended Zion. Next thing you know, I met some of the greeters, and then Paul. Paul asked me about who I am, I mentioned how I was a musician. Paul mentioned the need for a praise team leader, introduced me to Janet, Dyann, Bob Littman and Peg. It was within those first few weeks of meeting with Zion members, I looked back and saw God’s hand in where I had been led.


Zion’s praise team is nothing short of special, it was formed the year and month I was born. It has been carefully maintained, valued, supported and blessed by the congregation. The primary goal for our team, is to express the love of Jesus through worship. Knowing how to express it, and share it with not only our congregation but to worship solo, in the grocery, with a friend getting coffee. Sharing the hope and joy in Jesus through a powerful moment expressed in song, and in silence.


While there are many different ways to improve this daily goal, some other little details help in reaching it. Changing equipment, finding the right songs that fit with our congregation and praise team. These efforts and changes, are what we are currently working on to help make our praise team, the best we can be for our church and our community.