Finding a New Vision

by Pastor Jason
Welcome to Zion’s website. Welcome to Zion.

There are many things we, as a church, want someone who visits our website and partakes of our ministry to see and experience in us, but first and foremost, is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel is the most compelling and needed message on earth. It has built this community and made it into a warm and welcoming place. It has been shared in impactful ways both inside and outside of its physical four walls. For 65 years, Zion has endeavored in many, many ways to build a community around the Gospel and to promote the proclamation of the Gospel in many forms. Faithful leaders have blessed its growth, loving servants have blessed its mission, and fortunate stewardship by God has enabled its growth in size.

In order to continue that faithfulness to the Gospel and in order to bring it to people in fresh and relevant ways, Zion is currently undergoing a vision process. What is vision? It’s a clear picture of what God would have us do as His ministry and His people in the location He has placed us. It’s a ministry and mission “pulling together” – in church-wide events – in individual ways – in smaller teams and groups. Vision is sharing a mandate for the Gospel, a strategy that helps us to share that Gospel, and a clear path for the future.


Vision is understanding our strengths and being real about our weaknesses. There are things in our community worth celebrating. There are things we need to grow past.   It is having definitions that honor our LCMS heritage and yet give us words that describe who we are and what we strive for even for people outside of the LCMS. It is living with focus and clarity. It’s knowing how to say “No” and when to say “Yes.” It’s avoiding the threat of being spread too thin or getting blown to and fro by the latest ministry breeze. It’s understanding why God has placed us where He has, what our passions for ministry are, and why He has given us the people we have.


Vision is having the clarity to know who we are and what God has called us to and ultimately how we fit in God’s greater Kingdom work. It’s Paul’s metaphor of the body of Christ made real – One body made of many parts under the One and only Head that is Christ.


We are blessed to be working with Auxano as our vision consultant group and we are excited and prayerful for God working through this time to continue our heritage of sharing the Gospel and doing it in timely ways for our community and beyond. To God be the glory.