Keeping the Christ Child in Christmas!

by Joy Schwartz
It’s almost cliche, isn’t it?  We hear this phrase many times during Christmas, but do we really apply it into every aspect of the celebration of His birth? This season, I challenge you to exercise humility and wisdom in the ways you celebrate  this special time with your family and friends.  Afterall, you are being the model for so many others, possibly for generations to come.  How’s that for responsibility as a Christian?  Some ideas:
1.  Think and mediate about the incredible way in which God showed us his love.  Here was a baby, born in a lowly manger, King of the World, ultimately dying for us miserable, pathetic sinners and rising again to give us hope and the promise of the Resurrection.  ‘Nuff said, right?
2.  For every gift you give, attach a Bible verse reflective of the Christmas Story, on the package.  Ask the recipient to read it aloud and apply the verse’s meaning to them.
3.  At the celebratory meals, join hands.  Pray together.  Sing together.  Make the unity of coming together something to remember.  It’s guaranteed to melt the crankiness right out of the heart of the most devoted Scrooge.
4.  Mix up the secular playlist with hymns and Christ-centered music.  Handel’s “Messiah” played all the way through is just the thing to give you a sense of awe of Christ’s majesty.  Such an artist, devoting his incredible skills to tell the greatest story and inspire the world for hundreds of years.
5.  Share stories of loved ones who may have departed this world and what Christmas meant to them.  One comes to mind for me personally:  my Grandmother and her family would ride their sleigh thru the snow to church on Christmas Eve in Michigan.  This was around 1915 and they had no car.  They each received an orange as a present – a very exotic treat!  It’s up to you to make sure your kids know how important worship was and is to the family during Christmas.
6.  On the days prior to Christmas Day, go shopping for gifts for those in need.  Include a heartfelt note on each one.  You could easily change a life in your kind gesture.  Maybe volunteer in a soup kitchen?  So many ways to share the love of Christ.
Just some random thoughts on this incredibly cold day – wishing you the most Christ-filled Christmas EVER!