Serving God’s Church

by Peg Fenner
As we start summer, with all the fun and trips that the warm weather brings, we once again start, behind the scenes, our Nominating Process. Each year, in June, a Nominating Team is appointed, and they get the ball rolling on a process that will lead to the election of new board chairs for the following year.
All of our elected officers agree to serve a 2-year term, with the allowance for an officer to serve up to 2 consecutive terms. All of this sounds very technical – terms, officers, nominating, elections, etc. But what it all boils down to is serving God’s church and people here at the corner of Salem and Birney. My prayer for the process this year is that each member of Zion, as the nominating information comes out, will pray about and consider how they might be a piece of the puzzle that we are putting together.
Our Nominating Team this year will consist of Jennifer Hamilton, Laura Mikow, and Bob Remmele – thanks to all of 3 of them for their willingness to serve! Pastor Jason, Chris, and I attend as well.
The process will begin with asking current officers, who are eligible to serve another term, if their desire is to continue or end. Then, in July, you, the members, will be given the opportunity to suggest individuals that you believe would serve well in each position (and you can suggest yourself!). As potential leaders of the church, we want these suggestions to be for those who you believe to be devoted to worship, study of the Word, and serving.
The team then pours/prays through the lists of suggestions and begins calling individuals. I ask, that if asked to serve, you really dwell on what is being asked of you. Could you give time and energy to serve? Do you have the gifts needed for the position? Is God calling you to serve (He always is – but in what way?). Feel the honor that comes with being asked to serve God’s church. There is much joy in serving Him!

And when this process – and summer – comes to an end, as we elect new officers in September for 2020, if your name is not on that slate, consider how you will support and serve with those who have accepted a call!