In addition to Online Giving, there are 3 other ways to give:

1. Bank – If you use online banking, you can have your bank send Zion a check from your account.  You should be able to set this up for one week or to recur for several weeks. To do this:

A: Sign onto your bank’s website and sign in.

B: Choose the pay button (this looks different for every bank but for 5/3rd, the button is titled ‘Transfer & Pay’

C: You will be asked who to pay.  Enter Zion Lutheran Church and the churches address.  The address is 1175 Birney Lane, Cincinnati, OH  45230. 

D: It may ask for an account number.  Just leave that blank.

2.       Box – You can drop your check in the locked box outside the back door at Zion. 
The box to use is the one on the left marked ‘Zion Church Use’.  If you do this, please put your check in an envelope – either an offering envelope or a standard mail envelope. 
That box will be emptied between 11:30am and noon on Monday through Friday. 
Those donations are then locked in a safe place and will be counted with the following Sunday’s offering.
3.      Basic – Remember the U.S. mail.  If you have church envelopes, you can put your check in your church envelope, put that into a standard mail envelope and drop it in the mail. 
Those donations are locked in a safe place until the following Sunday.  All checks received in the mail will be counted with the following Sunday’s offering.