Welcome Youth!
If you are a student in 6th Grade through 12th Grade, we have growth opportunities for you. We offer weekly Bible study, confirmation, and a variety of events ranging from service projects, youth gatherings, lock-ins, spiritual retreats, mission trips and more. Our hope is that through these ministries you will connect with other youth while strengthening your relationship with God.
Weekly Gathering Times 
Sunday: 9:45 am 
Jr. High 
Led by Don Hoffmann in Room 6
Sr. High
Led by Halle Randall or Chris Graves in Rooms 4-5
 J O I N   U S !
J R .  &  S R .   H I G H :   C U R R E N T   B I B L E   S T U D Y

Discovering God’s Way of Handling Money

Youth, grades 6 through 12, will receive an introduction to personal finance and Biblical financial principles. It is a great combination of Bible study and practical instruction. Teens are walked through the Biblical understanding of stewardship, and they are taught how to make a budget, track spending and write checks. 
L E T   U S   T E L L   Y O U 

The News

There are many activities happening right now for youth of all ages. 

Zion’s Youth Ministry Team

Our team consists of both adult and youth volunteers and staff. Together they plan events and activities for our youth.
T H E   C L A S S


What is confirmation?
Confirmation instruction is “confirming” one’s baptism vows. The goal is to help young people know what Christ has done for them through His death and resurrection and through their baptism. Students learn what it means to be a disciple or follower of Jesus, how we in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS) understand the Bible, and how to apply God’s Word in daily life. Confirmation instruction is sometimes referred to as “catechism” or “catechesis”. The confirmation program at Zion is typically two years, but this can be adjusted as needed for each individual student. For example, if a student begins with the intention of completing the confirmation program in two years, but is not able to complete it in two years due to sports or other commitments, the confirmation timeframe may be lengthened.
Who is confirmation for?
The confirmation program is intended for baptized middle school youth. Normally, youth at Zion will receive confirmation instruction in 6th and 7th grades. If a youth is not baptized, he or she may join the class to learn more about the Christian faith. If at some point during the period of confirmation instruction the youth decides to be baptized, after the baptism, he or she will continue with the confirmation program until it is completed and will then participate in the Rite of Confirmation. Middle school youth who have been confirmed in another Christian denomination will need to take confirmation instruction at Zion prior to joining the church. Youth who were confirmed in another LCMS congregation that confirms students earlier than Zion will need to talk to Zion’s Confirmation Coordinator and may need to re-take confirmation instruction. If a youth has already had some confirmation instruction at another LCMS church, his/her parents should talk with Zion’s Confirmation Coordinator to discuss what instruction has been received and what is still needed to be able to complete his/her confirmation instruction.