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Our Mission

Together We


We are a worshipping
community of sinner-saints
saved by grace alone.
Together We


We are a family of Christ where
people grow together in 
discipleship and fellowship.
Together We


We are an outpost where
ministry and mission in
the name of Jesus is alive.
O U R   G O A L
“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…” (Matthew 28:19-20). We are passionate about sharing the love of Jesus with others.

Jason Hoerth


L O O K I N G   A H E A D

Our Events

starting June 2
Join us throughout the summer to study God’s Word. Classes are offered for all ages.
Adult Bible Study – The Gospel of Luke
Youth Bible Study – Discovering God’s Way of Handling Money
Children’s Bible StudyToy Bible Stories
Sundays at 9:45 a.m. in the Lower Level
June 17-20
Vacation Bible School
Dinner: 5:30 – 6 PM
VBS Program: 6 – 8 PM
For children Pre-school through 5th Grade
June 28-30
Youth will come together for Zion’s annual high school youth retreat at Lakeview Ministries for zip lining, canoeing, horseback riding, campfire devotions and more. 
Registration deadline: June 16
July 11-16
Pray for our youth and adults as they travel to Minneapolis for the 2019 National Youth Gathering to learn more about Jesus Christ, the Christian faith and their Lutheran identity.
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F R O M   T H E   B L O G

Recent Articles

Adding Something in for Lent?

by Peg Fenner
With the Lenten season coming upon us, some of us will be thinking about “what should I give up for Lent?” For years, Greg and I have given up ice cream, and if you know us, you know that’s a pretty big sacrifice! But what if we talk this year about adding something in for Lent? Something to help us grow closer, as a family of believers, during this time of reflection. I’d like to suggest our Wednesday evening dinners and services – a time of nourishment, fellowship, and worship.

To me, these evenings feel like the closest thing we may offer to how it was in the days of Jesus – coming together around a table, breaking bread, and then hearing the Word of God. In our busyness, we can often look at our “Simple Suppers” as a way to make it easier to get to a mid-week service. We can also make it a time to hang out with our friends. Or maybe it’s a bonus meal – because I didn’t have to cook it! But we can make it much more than all of that. We can make it a time of true fellowship – a chance to chat with that person that you have only nodded or smiled at on Sundays, but never have really met. It’s a chance to sit and unwind with someone who maybe you only get to talk to during a church meeting.   It’s a chance to show some love and care for someone who may need you to be the bright spot in their day. It’s an opportunity for us to invite that person that may not have made connections yet at church. And it’s an opportunity to invite a neighbor or friend to our church.

I encourage each of us to ask someone to come along to these meals and share in our fellowship. I encourage you to not sit with “your group” – branch out a little. And remember, these are Simple Suppers – so we can all be like Mary, and be ready to sit at the feet of our Lord – not making a fuss over our meal and clean up, like Martha. Commit during Lent to come each week, starting on Ash Wednesday, and join us at 6 pm to share in an awesome time of fellowship, followed by our worship service at 7 pm.

Acts 2:42  They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

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The Importance of the Family Retreat to Me

by Madalyn Graves


The Family Retreat at Camp Lakeview has been going on since I was a baby. Each year I can look forward to the peace and serenity that comes with going to camp for a weekend. During this weekend I can forget about my problems outside of camp and focus on my relationship with God and with my family. At the Family Retreat while we do have fun ziplining, arts and crafting, and shooting arrows there is a heavy focus on worship.

This retreat gives me a chance to reconnect with my family after being away at college in Chicago. With my family, church family, and St. Mark’s Lutheran Church family we have fun and also grow in our faith. We have focused times during Saturday night bonfire and Sunday morning worship. During those times we talk with our families and go deeper into our faiths.

What I find so amazing about this retreat is that it is open to all families. Families with kids in college and families with toddlers and everything in between come to this retreat. All of them are at different places in their faith, and this retreat is a good way to just sit down and talk about that without the ticking clock of the real world.

What gets me coming back year after year, while, yes, is the halting of my outside problems, is the little moments. Moments like Saturday morning pancakes, taking my friend’s money that he posted on the target at archery, games of gaga ball played in the dead of night, and singing songs like Sanctuary.

At Camp Lakeview with the still lake water, fresh air, and the silence of the forest I know that there is no need to rush. Any problems I have get swept to the side for the weekend. This is not a time for worry and fear. Instead it is a time for having fun and rejoicing in what God has done for us. And this is why I come back year after year. Even now that I am all the way in Chicago.

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National Youth Gathering 2019

by Jason Hoyt
This summer nine youth from Zion, plus two more guests (more on that below), will be going to the LCMS National Youth Gathering. The gathering is held every 3 years in various locations around the United States. Past host cities have included Atlanta, Denver, New Orleans and San Antonio, among others. This year the gathering will be held for the first time ever in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The gathering will be held from July 11th through 15th and, our team will stay in town one extra day. We’ll use that day to share some time together, “inwardly digest” the events of those few days, and also tack on a trip to Mall of America for some fun social time as well. While not yet determined exactly, the congregation can expect a special presentation by our youth and counselors soon after we return to share with you a small portion of our experience.
The National Youth Gathering is an awesome and huge event and will see approximately 25,000 youth and another 5,000 adults (counselors and staff) all in downtown Minneapolis, and mostly within walking distance of U.S. Bank Stadium, the new home of the NFL Vikings that opened in 2016. The event will start on the evening of July 11th with a “mass event” inside U.S. Bank Stadium where all participants will gather to kick off the weekend. Each evening of the gathering will also end with a mass event at the stadium. On the morning of the 15th there will be a closing service at the stadium, again attended by all participants. During the three days between the opening and closing events there will be conferences held in the nearby convention center. There are four conference sessions per day, and there are far more conferences available (dozens available) than one can attend in the three days. There are a wide variety of topics and speakers at these conferences, and there is easily “something for everyone” all weekend long.
Of special note, for this year’s gathering, Zion will also be hosting two youth from St. John’s Lutheran Church in Aurora, IN. Their two youth are very excited about this opportunity to attend the gathering, and we are very excited to be able to partner with another church and welcome their youth into our Zion family. The youth from St. John’s have already been to Zion for a Sunday School and late service as well as the MLK weekend lock-in, held on January 19th. They are planning to come to some other events between now and this summer so our youth can build those bonds that will help all share in the gathering experience as part of the Zion Family. In total, we will have eleven youth and four chaperones going to the gathering.
At this time our ask from the Zion congregational family is quite simple, and just the same as in 2016, please PRAY. Pray that we WORSHIP through our words and deeds during any activity. Pray we LEARN through all of these experiences. And, lastly, pray that our youth and leaders continue to GROW. We look to grow in our understanding of each-other, in our own personal lives as they are enriched, and most importantly we want to GROW in our faith and understanding of Him who provides all these great things and who brought us to hope, salvation, and eternal life.

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