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Our Mission

Together We


We are a worshipping
community of sinner-saints
saved by grace alone.
Together We


We are a family of Christ where
people grow together in 
discipleship and fellowship.
Together We


We are an outpost where
ministry and mission in
the name of Jesus is alive.
O U R   G O A L
“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…” (Matthew 28:19-20). We are passionate about sharing the love of Jesus with others.

Jason Hoerth


L O O K I N G   A H E A D

Our Events

begins September 15
Join us on Sundays as we begin to introduce our Vision and Values. We will focus on Vision in both Worship and Bible Study.
Classic Worship – 8:30 am, Sanctuary
Adult Bible Study 9:45 am, Lower Level
Contemporary Worship11 am, MMC
Led by Pastor Jason
begins September 15
Sunday morning Bible studies, for all ages, will begin new topics on September 15 at 9:45 AM in the Lower Level. 
Adult Bible Study – Vision
Youth Bible Study – Fruits of the Spirit
Sunday School – Old Testament Lessons 
September Collection
The Board of Human Care is combining efforts with fellow LCMS churches across Cincinnati to produce 250 Flood Relief Buckets to help victims of flooding that has affected our fellow citizens.
Please pick up 1, 2 or 3 tags and return your product(s) by the end of September. If you would prefer, you could make a monetary donation in the offering by clearly marking it FLOOD BUCKETS.
Contact: Jan Remmele
September 15 from 5-7 PM

We’ll be holding our annual church picnic at Juilf’s Park – Shelter 2, weather permitting.


Please bring your own beverage and meat to grill – (grills provided). Last names beginning with A-M, please bring a side dish to share. Lasst names beginning with N-Z, please bring a dessert to share. Condiments, flatware, plates and napkins will be provided.


F R O M   T H E   B L O G

Recent Articles

Growing Your Kids’ Spiritual Health

by Chris Graves
Parents want their kids to be healthy.  We all know how to help them be physically healthy — feed them healthy foods, encourage them to be active, get them to bed at a reasonable hour, etc.
Spiritual health is important, too.  In fact, the Bible says that spiritual health is even more important than bodily health!  Look up 1 Timothy 4:6-10 to see why.
In addition, spiritual health is well-known to be linked with mental health.  As spiritual health increases, often so does mental health.
Parents have the greatest influence over their kids’ spiritual health.  Sunday School is one way you can help your kids to be spiritually healthy.  Coming to Sunday School feeds them a healthy diet of God’s Word, teaches them to prioritize loving and worshiping God over everything else, introduces them to friends at church as they learn with other kids, and connects them with adults who love them and want to show them how much Jesus loves them.  We are even starting a new weekly Sunday School newsletter so that you will know everything your child is learning and doing in Sunday School.
Because parents are so important, we want to feed you spiritually, too!  Zion has an adult class that is designed for everyone, whether you know very little about the Bible or whether you are a Bible scholar.  And it’s a great opportunity to meet other people and make friends at church for yourself!  The adult class meets at the same time as Sunday School, 9:45 a.m.

Regular Sunday School begins September 15!  Kids preschool through grade 8 will be studying Bible stories from the Old Testament in the first half of the year.  The series starts with the account of God creating the world and then the kids will continue to learn about Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob, Rachel and many more people in the Bible.  The second half of the year they will switch to the New Testament and learn many accounts from the life of Jesus.  The high school youth still study the Fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23).  This is a study written by Halle Randall, our Bible class teacher!  When we have the Holy Spirit in our lives, our lives look different from everybody else’s.  Our lives bear fruit like God intended!  In this study, high schoolers will learn more about what a godly life really looks like.


If I can help you get connected or answer any questions, please let me know!

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Why Are We Talking So Much About Vision?

by Pastor Jason
Vision. It’s a word that I’ve been talking a lot about here lately. A group met for its formulation, some dollars have been designated toward it, some meetings have unveiled parts of the movement, and there will soon be two sermon-series, two bible studies, and much prayer – all toward our vision together. But why are we talking so much about vision?


Well, I could answer that in several ways (and I want to give some reasons nearer the end of this article), but first a story. Zion was blessed a while back with some coffee equipment. It was commercial grade, only lightly used, and moth-balled for a time. Yet through the work of the trustees, their improvised tests, the running of new electrical line, and a thorough cleaning… we now have a new coffee maker in what is often called the MMC Kitchen. Now as impressive as that all is, there was one thing it was missing: directions. Yeah, I know it’s a coffee-maker, you put water in here and coffee comes out there, but wait… its way more than that. This is a commercial grade device. It has buttons and brew options and the ability to change the size of the carafe that’s filled with a selectable temperature of water that’s precisely heated, etc., etc. This isn’t your run-of-mill brewer. Only one problem: no instructions. So, (thanks to the web-age) instructions were downloaded and read (yes, I do that on occasion) and – wow – you should see what it can do.


Vision. It’s not quite as crude as downloaded instructions, but as tough as it would be to operate a technically able coffee maker without directions – imagine trying to have Zion move forward and become all that God would have her to be without direction. That’s what vision is: direction. A well-informed and patiently researched by prayer and discernment based – direction. Zion needed that. Why?


Well, first off, it didn’t have one. Thoughtful attempts have been made in the past, but as of today none have stuck. What could the next year look like? Three years? Five years? Ten years? Certainly, inertia has something to say about this, but a change was needed, in my opinion. A change that would help us…


  • Look at what some would call missional communities. These are small group-like opportunities where the bible is studied, people are known and cared for, loving accountability is nurtured, and missional opportunities by the group are cultivated. Mission events in the congregation or outside. Mission targeted in a certain direction. Just imagine, if we could have 5 missional communities (or whatever they’ll be called here) cultivating five different missional relationships, engaging the community in five different ways, and glorifying God through it all. If done well, these could even be a really easy first-step for people to come into contact with Jesus incarnated in the many places we live and work and in the many, unique ways we connect with life.


  • Come together in fellowship and mission as a congregation. One-off events are good, but a relationship allows for a level of care that a one-off event just can’t do. As well, divisions are so easily made in any large group along lines such as age, address, achievement, and the like. Mass events allow the body of Christ at Zion to be together. Just imagine first service and late service people serving together. Women’s Guild and Trustees working together. New babies and 90+ year-olds serving in families as a family of faith – together. These events could leverage our whole congregation’s passion for Christ and allow us to serve together in ways that impact our community and beyond. And just imagine what that would do for the mental, physical, and relational well-being of our community. How would the healing of Christ make a spiritual and whole-life difference?


  • Examine ways that we can maintain the blessings of our current ministry while being aggressive to pay down our current debt load. Around 16 years ago, Zion decided to build an addition; a beautiful addition. And now about 16 years later we are about halfway through the loan and still around one million dollars in debt. Just imagine if we didn’t have that to be concerned with. Just imagine if we could pay that down faster than the next 14 years. Just imagine handing the ministry off to the next generation without that to worry about. Just imagine…


Hmmm, just imagine… if growth in discipleship and outreach flourished on multiple levels and in multiple ways. Just imagine if the money and time we spent on our building was matched (or even exceeded by) the money and time spent on mission. Just imagine if we had a clear direction that allowed for diversity and promoted unity. Just imagine the church not just with a downloaded set of directions… but a uniquely shaped, God-given direction.


Dearest God give us the ability to have such a vision… and then allow us all the ability to have a prayerful and open mind and heart so we can stand shoulder-to-shoulder in this movement. Yes, the church is bound to look different, but together it will be a church where the people make up the body around the One head that is Christ. A church that is and ever becomes one: Taking the cross of grace and peace…


To God alone be the glory!

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Meet our Choir Director

by Karen Wiebe
I’ve always grown up surrounded by music. As a kid, I would sit and play or work on homework while my parents sang in the adult choir. My sister was in the junior choir. When I was in 2nd grade, I was asked if I wanted to be in the choir. The typical age was 4th or 5th grade, so in my mind I knew it was a big deal to be asked so young. 
Fast forward many years, and my dad asked me to join the choir at Zion. I missed singing in a choir so I did. While I never expected years later to be in charge of it, here I am.
The choir is comprised of all kinds of people who come together for one purpose: to sing to the Lord and share the talent He gave us. They are a friendly bunch who work hard and love each other.
As we continue the journey as choir members together, we look forward to sharing our talents, continuing to build and get new members, and praise the Lord while following His will for our future.

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