Focusing our Vision

by Elizabeth Hoffmann
The Vision Team’s 12 members have been meeting monthly since October. Meetings last 4-5 hours. They are facilitated by our Auxano leader. We participate in large group and small group exercises and there have been additional meetings to further refine a group position. Much of the work has been to identify who and what we are at Zion. Knowing Zion’s character, discussing her potential, and studying our community can assist with defining a vision that provides future direction. The dedication and attentiveness of this group has been first-rate. Much of the work has been to transform ideas into paragraphs and sentences about Zion. Then the team reduces this into a couple words and/or a visual representation.

In our dialogues we often think about “Joe”. He is an illustration of someone who attends Zion. Using Zion’s Vision to outline a vision path should inspire and energize Joe and others. Zion’s mission should answer the question of what Joe does. What Joe knows should be an understanding of Zion’s values and what motivates us; this is part of our vision. Joe can use a strategy or missional map to answer how to realize the vision. What to strive for is what Joe becomes and defines when we are successful. The final vision objective is to recognize where God is taking Joe and Zion. What we want to see happen should be conveyed as a vision idea that paints a picture and solves a problem. It should stir Joe’s heart and allow God to “super-size” it.

Vision is not a statement nor a catchy phrase. It is a state of mind that prompts movement. Vision is spread by people and not by paper. The Vision Team is looking forward to sharing what we have discovered about Zion and God’s vision for Zion. There will be opportunities for the congregation to hear vision details soon. We are confident Zion is ready and capable to embrace a vision that glorifies God.