If you’ll be visiting our building
during COVID-19,
Here’s what to expect.
Capacity for worship services will be limited.
65 people is the cap for the MMC and 34 people for the Sanctuary.
  • Sign up using the links on our homepage if you plan to attend. 
  • Masks are required for anyone over the age of 4.
  • Movement throughout the rest of the building will be restricted with the exception of Children’s Church.
  • No physical greeting will be used. No coffee will be served. 
  • Wipe stations/ sanitizer will be posted near entrances and outside the restrooms.
  • Bulletins will be minimized. If bulletins are used, they will be on the sanitizer-station tables for individual pick-up. 
  • Ushers will help direct people to seating. A picture of the congregation will be taken for tracing purposes. 
  • A small area in the Atrium has been set aside for children with “wiggles”. 
  • Offering baskets will be placed near entrances. Digital and alternative options are encouraged. 
  • Social distancing is observed in the seating arrangements. With fogger usage, cloth chairs will be used in the MMC and wood pews in the Sanctuary. Chairs/pews will be cleaned before and after the services. 
  • The Lord’s Supper will be observed per our regular schedule. Factory-sealed “Fellowship Cups” will be available on tables near the bulletins. Group consecration will take place in-service (please observe our stated communion beliefs).
  • Masks are required in the building. 
  • Please observe general social-distancing and hand-washing protocols. If you have any COVID-related symptoms please do not enter the building at this time. Please don’t bring food or drink into the building …except for the supplies collected for community partnerships and servant projects, of course ;).
  • When spaces are used for ministries, meetings, or activities it is asked that used and high-touch surfaces be cleaned before leaving. Ask your ministry, council, or staff leader/ liaison for needed cleaning supplies. Also, please remember to coordinate and schedule your building usage with the online church calendar.
  • Please keep doors propped open and if windows are also opened, remember to close and lock them after the activity (along with any exterior doors) and adjust HVAC temperatures with church stewardship in mind.
  • Safe room occupancy for activities should be clarified with ministry leaders before usage, but social-distancing guidelines (6ft distancing) can allow for a quick estimation of room maximums for planning purposes. 
  • People solely occupying offices or rooms may be in those rooms without masks.
  • According to the CDC, fully vaccinated people may be together in small groups, in stationary ways together without the use of masks. At Zion, we have always moved forward as servants when it comes to compliance. Therefore, if there is any doubt or discomfort about the discussion of or reality of full vaccination of an individual or groups then please observe the mask requirement. Also, as soon as movement around the building resumes outside of the stationary meeting place, please wear a mask.
  • If people are socially-distanced and stationary, then masks are not required. Ministry leadership should be sought for hand, surface, or equipment cleansing after the activity. 
  • If there is non-stationary activity that involves children, then any person over the age of 4 needs to wear a mask. Ministry leadership should be sought for hand, surface, or equipment cleansing after the activity.
  • If there is non-stationary activity that involves only adults then social-distancing is to be observed. Ministry leadership should be sought for hand, surface, or equipment cleansing after the activity.
  • As always, we approach these guidelines with a sense of Christian service and servanthood. If there is a question or concern that an activity might cause someone to be put into a compromising place for COVID- 19 transmittal, please wear a mask and observe all social-distancing protocols.